Wedding Entertainment has become a growing Industry for over a decade and continues to grow. Providing your wedding guests with a perfect post wedding reception party entertained with the perfect set-up will be as memorable to your guests as much as your wedding service itself.

Wedding DJ or Band?

It can cost a small fortune booking a DJ for your music or a tribute-act that everyone loves but there are many money saving ideas for your wedding. Additional options include a do-it yourself entertainment package with music list or hiring Karaoke Machines and video your guests trying to sing their favourite songs. Hilarious especially after a few lemonades.

Venues – Reception & Church – Registry or Abroad?

The choice of wedding venues and your reception are endless, depending on your budget, keep your budget in mind that this is your biggest day of your life shared with the one you love, also, you have a life to live after this momentous day……..along with those bills and invoices that will arrive post wedding………..

How Many Guests?

We all want to keep everyone happy but we know that’s impossible but the 2 of you getting married are the most important factor so do what makes you happy, then think of your guests entertainment, karaoke, music, dj, dancefloor, food, cake, balloons, drinks and maybe a good singalong at the end of the evening.


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