Hen Night Party Ideas

A Hen Night is a great British tradition. There are many formats to a hen night, the most popular being the hen (bride to be) and a group of friends, hitting the town for a drunken night out. This usually taking place in seaside resort with a night in a hotel or guest house.

More recently we have found that the hen night is being regarded as a more important part of the whole wedding process. There has recently been a massive increase in hen nights taking place in hired houses in either the countryside or a popular town such as Bath, Torquay and York. This tends to be a weekend hire where all the hens can stay in pleasant surroundings with the ability to relax and take part in organised activities.

It seems that a lot of these hen parties are looking at ideas for entertainment at their hired retreats which can be a lot of fun without a massive expense. Something that is entertaining and can be enjoyed by everyone. The ideal solution is DIY KARAOKE, delivered and set up at your home or venue at a time that suits you. This way you have the freedom to use the equipment as and when you want to over the weekend. The equipment is set up and we instruct upon use, which is simple and usually takes about 5 minutes have a look on our website www.hirekaraoke.co.uk

The systems we supply for hen parties are also set up to play normal music tracks and you can even connect an IPAD of other device and have your own disco.

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Karaoke…karioke or kareoke?……

Karaoke, Karioke, Kareoke….These are just a few ways people try to spell KARAOKE. However you spell it, the fact remains that it is now more popular than ever in the UK.

There are more karaoke bars, karaoke nights and karaoke rooms than ever before. Wherever you go there are posters on pub doors, adverts in newspapers and promos on local radio stations.

The emergence of TV programmes such as The X Factor, The Voice, Britain’s got talent and several other spin offs have increased the popularity of karaoke and has encouraged a lot of people of all ages to want to get and have a go. We all know that these programmes have produced many stars and many, not so good, but memorable personalities. One thing is for certain, a lot of us have been encouraged to “ have a go “

The thing is, that to perform at a busy club or bar you must have a lot of self-confidence and an outgoing personality. I am sure that there are hundreds of potential stars out there who have amazing voices but do not have the confidence to get up there and sing in front of a lot of strangers.

At UK Karaoke Hire, we think that karaoke should be a fun thing, to be enjoyed by all without being embarrassed or feeling pressured in any way. We have developed our systems for the home market, allowing you to get up and sing your favourite song alongside your family and friends. No intimidation, just good fun. Whether you are having a hen weekend at a hired cottage in the Somerset countryside, a birthday party at home in Birmingham, a wedding in a hotel in London, a fundraising event in a village hall in Wales or a Christmas party in a Scottish castle, you can now have a computerised system with thousands of tracks, mics, a TV screen or a projector and a powerful sound system set up and ready to go. No pressure, no intimidation, just good fun with friends. Maybe this will give you that confidence you need to take part in that pub karaoke you have always avoided

The equipment we use is very easy to use and simple to book on-line at www.hirekaraoke.co.uk or by calling 0345 5635651

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